Jab Comix Ay Papi Scene

We know that you guys have been very very eager to see the next issue of this comic for this week and here it is without delay for you. In this scene we get to see the college babes getting a ride to the university from a buddy of theirs and it seems that they got really really naughty with the whole thing as well. Well in the end, you can bet that this was a very fun trip overall and the red haired babe was sure in for a lot of fun with the guy as you will see soon enough. We know you will just love seeing our babes tease this guy as much as possible and you can also bet that he was more than happy to get to have some fun with them too. So let’s get the show started and see our kinky little ladies in action without delay this fine afternoon shall we?

The scene starts as all of them were in the car as you will see. The red head was the one to start teasing and eventually she brings around a talk about panties. The guy was curious to see what kind she was wearing and of course that our naughty babe is more than happy to show off just what pair she was packing today too. The blonde leaned over to see something on the window and the guy sees that she wasn’t wearing any kind of panties at all so he tries to play with her too. Anyway, when they do reach their destination, the red head was all ready to do some fucking and so, you get to see her fucked nice and hard from behind as the dude goes deep in her sweet and tight pussy too. Have fun with it and do come back next week for more new scenes!

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