JabComix Farm Lessons

Jezebel makes a deal, in this  farm lessons episode, to allow Luke fuck her butt if he gives Boo Boo to her. On his try to find Boo Boo he finds his Auntie that’s been sexually frustrated and he rapidly tries to ‘comfort her on this jabcomix pics gallery’. Next he finds Boo Boo at an afternoon romp along with Rita Mae and signs up in on this fun. The three teens then return to Jezebel, resulting in a wild and crazy orgy party and surprising finish. So let’s get this nice comic show on the road and see just what went down in this nice and fresh update today shall we everyone?

You get to see the sexy and hot Jez as she gets around to have her fun with Boo, and all the while Luke gets to fuck that tight ass of hers. Of course this babe was saving her pussy for Boo, but she’s not one to shy away from a nice and hard double fuck either. Sit back and watch her moaning in pleasure as the two cocks do a marvelous job to take care of her holes in this nice and fresh update today. Rest assured that Jez was a pleased woman by the end, and you will get to see more of her sexual adventures in the future. So we’ll be seeing you then everyone, until then enjoy!

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